Changing Hearts and Minds Consulting

Changing Hearts & Minds Consulting is here to help you create allies for the LGBTQIA+ community so that minority groupings are able to bring their whole selves to work each day, be their most productive and engaged and feel a sense of belonging. In addition, our consulting services will ensure you are able to connect with LGBTQIA+ communities, attract, recruit, and retain them.

It is proven that productivity increases when you have a diverse workforce and employees can shine their light at work – so why dim that light? You can have a more productive workforce and better business than ever before.


Ally ship training & workshops

Virtual and in-person: breakfast seminars, lunch & learns, these are generic for all types of organisations and their workforces, or we produce be-spoke sessions that are industry specific or created for line managers/leaders. Presentation style of delivery or interactive workshops.


A deep dive and review of your workplace to determine how inclusive it really is for the LGBQIA+ communities. Strategic planning from the findings with actions and development plans. Assisting your business move from your current state to desired state of inclusion and belonging.

Mentoring / Coaching

One-to-one mentoring and coaching for leadership, this can be for succession planning and future or experienced leaders as part of their personal development. Creating high performing diverse and inclusive teams, with a sense of belonging. Reverse mentoring available for Senior Leaders with a Gen Z from the LGBTQIA+ community.


A full review of your end-to-end recruitment process, highlighting opportunities for bias and barriers for the LGBTQIA+ communities. Inclusive language guidance and copy writing for job descriptions and advertisements. How to attract more applicants from the LGBTQIA+ communities, and interview training for recruiters and hiring managers.

Public speaking / panellist

Insightful public speaking, including LGBTQIA+ history, ally ship and advocates, unconscious bias, Pride and LGBTQIA+ History month, future predictions of what your workforce will look like and want based on data from Gen Z’s.

Community Outreach

Connecting the business world with LGBTQIA+ referral partners, collaborations with other EDI organisations/consultants. Sharing of goods and services provided by LGBTQIA+ business owners. Charities outlining details of their services and the communities that they support.

meet the founder

Lee Thomas-Wragg is the mind behind Changing Hearts and Minds Consulting.  Click the button to learn more about him, his qualifications and experience, or check below for other places to find him!


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